We are committed in creating the web’s Sourcing market place. That is why we have enhanced our customer service pledge to make it easier and more secure to buy Riyadhhalal Chicken.

Return & Refund

Riyadhhalal Chicken will provide a full refund in case you never received your item(s).

You will get a full or partial refund if the items are not as described

  • You can accept a partial refund and then keep the item(s).
  • You can return the item(s) for a full refund
How does Riyadhhalal Chicken protect you?
  1. Riyadhhalal Chicken allows you to contact the Seller. If you have not received your order on time, or the order is not as described, please contact the seller.
  2. Open a dispute to submit your proposal (open a dispute here)
  3. If the problem you are experiencing does not get solved by the seller, you can contact Riyadhhalal Chicken and escalate the dispute.