We ship over 45 million orders worldwide

Riyadhhalal Chicken is a trading company located in Brazil with manufacturing centres in China, Australia, UK and US. We operate our services worldwide working hard to establish longer and closer working relationships with our clients and suppliers. We provide immediate and reliable service and we also continually exceed expectations and goals. We create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners. With a supported network, we are able to integrate all these functions with our fruitful experience. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market. We look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business.

We are committed to our customers with regard to Quality & Promptness.

Packaging is a matter of customization. Just tell us your preferences and we will take care of it. Large or small, practical or luxurious, conventional or extraordinary: we are happy to discuss the almost endless possibilities with you. Each product has it respectively packaging formats . You can always get in touch if you want to know more about other packaging, formats, private label etc. Together we will look at the best solution to meet your requirements.